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The definition of “risk” is a situation involving exposure to danger. Have you experienced risk lately? It would appear that the danger of taking a risk is prevalent in today’s world. However, danger doesn’t always look like we might expect.

I happen to believe that it would be risky to jump out of an airplane, but another person may have a different opinion. Taking a risk on something new could be considered as stepping into the unknown. Is it worth it? You’re the only one that can make that decision.

You could be in danger of reaching for something big and beautiful. Something that might change everything. You could be in danger of falling in love. You could be in danger of having the best day of your life. You could be in danger of laughing so hard it hurts. You could be in danger of finding a person who knows what you’re thinking before you say a word. You could be in danger of loving a song so much you have to sing it out loud, as loud as you can. You could be in danger of opening your heart instead of closing it.

There are times when risk calls for a big splash. But there are also times when the risky move is pulling back instead of pushing forward because that’s what we need in the moment.

We all love rewards. Do something great and get a great reward. But rewards can also begin to surface as a result of taking risks and often appear in unexpected ways. Hard conversations can give clarity. Second place sometimes shows up as motivation. Endings guide us to some kind of new beginning. Sometimes the reward is nothing more than a slight shift – a change in how we see the world or even who we are. Others may not be able to spot what is different, but inside of us, we know that the reward was in the risking.

Bottom line is that risk is in every choice we make and it’s not meant to be outrun but thoughtfully considered. Every choice becomes a chance to grow. The chance to change and receive great rewards.

So, ask yourself. Is what I’m doing today worth the risk? I challenge you to take a good look at the risks ahead and decide whether you will step into the unknown or let it pass you by.

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