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Brandon The Bee™

Bee Kind

Everything changed when Brandon the Bee's food source disappeared. In his desperate quest to find nectar, he's distracted by friends who hopelessly need his help.

Will Brandon the Bee continue on his journey to find nectar, or will he stop and be kind to others?

This moving and thoughtful story explores what kindness is and how it can make a difference in a child's life.



I have a great love for children and children’s books. 


The main character, Brandon the Bee was created with the personality traits of my late son, Brandon.  Brandon was had an incredible sense of humor.  He always found the joy in life and shared it with others.  He cared deeply for people and always showed kindness to those he came in contact with.


Sharing this simple life lesson of kindness with children brings me joy.


There’s not enough kindness as adults in our world today, and if I can have a small part encouraging young children to be kind no matter the situation, it will help me feel as though I’ve accomplished something great in this life.


In the near future, I hope to write about bullies in our lives, being loved, or even the joy of birthday parties.  The topics are endless, and Brandon the Bee ™ will surely hit home in the hearts of children.