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Organized Mess

We all experience loss at some point in our lives, whether it be a loss of a family member, pet, divorce, or a place we call home. Everything that happens to us helps us gain understanding, wisdom, purpose, peace, strength, joy, and so much more in Christ. The key is how we respond in our dealing with loss here on earth.



Organized Mess is an authentic look at a life of faith and overcoming deep wounds. Sherman shares her pain with openness and ease because her faith has sustained her in ways that many do not experience. The book tells stories but also encourages the reader to ask hard questions, press in around the Scriptures and trust in ways we may be reluctant to explore. For anyone who is facing loss, grief, or fear, Organized Mess is an important read.

Jan writes openly of her own loss, heartbreak and disappointment, to shine a light on God's faithfulness and love. She shares struggles from her life as an encouragement to others walking this rocky journey. Jan points to our Father, and reminds us that He is with us and that there is joy to be found no matter what our circumstances. Written in small stories, each with an uplifting message, it's a great read if you are hurting or if you know someone who could use a reminder that God sees and cares.

This book is an amazing reminder that no matter what life throws at you, the good the bad that tragic. With inner strength, hope and God, those hard days are the days that build the strength you didn’t know you had, bring you joy that you didn’t know was there and guide your way to a peaceful life. Jan has showed an incredible amount of strength through her struggles and through this book she was able to share real, raw, life experiences that have made her the incredible woman she is today. A definite must read no matter what your current situation is.

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