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Baby showers are great. It’s a way for your family and friends to gift you with items needed for your new baby. At my baby shower, a friend gave me a stuffed animal for my baby boy. It was a dog named Daffney. After the first several months, Brandon would hug Daffney and rub the silk tag up close to his ear and fall asleep. Brandon loved Daffney and took her everywhere he went.

When Brandon was two or three, he came to me with tears rolling down his cheeks. He held Daffney in one hand and the silk tag in the other. He was devastated, and it broke my heart. All I could think of was “I got this.” I knew how to sew and mend things … no biggie! But how could I convince my upset son that everything was going to be all right? After many tears and hugs, I told Brandon that Daffney would need some surgery and that I could help mend her brokenness. Brandon’s sadness started to change, and he was later overcome with gladness when I brought little Daffney back to him all mended.

The Lord also tells us “I got this”, when we come to Him in a place of devastation and brokenness. It’s no biggie to Him, but it’s our job to hand our brokenness over to Him so He can do the needed surgery. This isn’t an easy process, but once we allow God to do His work, we will be filled with gladness once again.

How do we hand over our devastation to God? How do we start the process of giving Him our hurts, and brokenness? It begins with the knowledge that God wants us to be free from bondage and knowing that we’re not alone. God is with us. Sometimes it takes quoting scripture or saying the name of Jesus over and over or listening to great music that encourages us. Sometimes the process of healing begins when we can talk with a safe person who cares for us. Whatever it is for you, do it until you sense that God cares and that He is there to take your hurts and disappointments. He will surely replace them with unspeakable joy.

I still have Daffney to this day and am reminded how much God cares about every aspect of my life. Just as I easily mended Daffney’s tag, God is easily able to mend our place of devastation as long as we ask for His help. He is closer to us than we realize and desires to show His healing power in our lives.

Are you in need of some mending today? Why not talk to God and tell Him what hurts? If you are crushed, He will be there and give you the peace and comfort needed this day. God is saying, “I GOT THIS.”

Psalm 34:28

The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

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