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As you may know, I love the sweet aroma of orange blossoms. They make springtime a happy time for me. I enjoy morning walks through the orange groves taking in deep breathes of this fragrant blossom. It’s as though it gives me a fresh new start to my day.

Spring is a great time to do….well almost anything. Recently my husband and I have started bike riding, walking and hiking. It gives us the energy to get out and enjoy the beautiful days that God has given to us.

What does springtime mean to you? Maybe it’s planting season. Whether you’re raising veggies for the whole neighborhood or just like a few flowers by the front door, spring is the season for getting your hands dirty.

Maybe this time of year is set aside for some spring-cleaning at your house. There’s no better time to discard the unnecessary items that have piled up in your attic, basement, closets and corners.

Springtime brings excellent weather and longer days. This means there’s more time for nature walks, visiting parks and playing in the backyard with the kids. Baseball starts up, and if you’re in a family of sports fanatics, start getting your tickets to your favorite baseball game. Whatever you do in spring, I hope it brings a fresh new start to your life.

What about our spiritual hearts with God? Could it be springtime where He has given you new life and new beginnings? When times get tough, and you need encouragement, start thanking God for the spiritual spring. The dead of winter is gone, and a new life is beginning to bud. God will produce something special and unique just for you in this season. Yesterday is gone, and today is a fresh new start in Christ!

Revelation 21:5 states that Jesus will “make all things new.” He is our provider and the One who is “true and faithful.” So why don’t we start putting our trust in Jesus, and look at today as our fresh new start in Christ?

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

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