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I'm very excited to share this wonderful outreach project with you!


What's even more exciting?

You can help pick the outreach project that best fits Be-In-Courged.

Let me introduce you to Larissa Johnson...she is headed to Africa for a month to do some amazing mission driven outreach and she will be taking us along for the ride via pictures and stories during her journey.
Larissa has worked alongside me in many aspects of my ministry. When I found out she was taking this trip we talked about how Be-In-Couraged could be a part of this outreach mission that is so much a part of her. As she travels through Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda she will be visiting villages, hospitals, schools and orphanages looking for opportunities for Be-In-Couraged to get involved. I encourage you to follow along on the blog and on our social media sites. We want to hear your heart, tell us what projects you could get behind. Together we will pick a mission and a way we can support it.
I hope you will join me in following this amazing journey through Africa with Larissa
and that you will get involved by commenting, sharing or emailing us.

Hi, I am Larissa and I am beyond thrilled to be sharing my heart and this journey with all of you. As Jan said, I will be traveling through Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda with many scheduled stops along the way to truly experience these beautiful countries. My journey begins May 28th and I will be back June 30th. My personal passion lies with the Watoto Ministries located in Uganda. I currently sponsor 1 child and 2 babies.

As I travel I will be sharing as many pictures and stories as I can, as WiFi permits. Once I get back I will be sure to update the website and social media with even more great stuff. I have had the privilege of being exposed to such wonderful outreach opportunities via my church and I'm very excited to bring these things to you. There are so many projects that have yet to be started that I am certain we will find a perfect fit for Be-In-Couraged. As Jan said in her note above, be sure to check back often for updates but more importantly engage, share, and invite others.

A little bit about me:

I'm the proud mamma of the one and only perfect Marley. My world is her; I love being her mommy and we are always out exploring. I have faced struggles in my life that I have not let define me but they have made me the strong independent women I am today. Because of my past I strive to live in such a way that empowers everyone around me. Disneyland is my home away from home and I am there as often as I can be. I study the art of Krav Maga and love the way I feel after every class, not just physically, but mentally too. My daughter and I rock climb, run and stay active outdoors. I enjoy college football, specifically my Ohio State Buckeyes! If it has to do with Star Wars, Pirates, Marvel or Disney it is a safe bet with me. Horses and barrel racing hold a special place in my heart.

My family and my faith are everything to me and with both I am able to find my strength to be Brave Enough.

"You are my servant, I have chosen you and not cast you off; do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand." - Isaiah 41:9-10

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