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Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow is another day

There are many rules to follow in our lives. School rules, rules for work-related tasks, rules, rules, rules. Sometimes rules can be overwhelming and make us feel like we’re in prison! However, godly rules and principles give us great freedom.

One rule I’ve followed for losing weight is to practice compassion for myself. Having that compassion means that if I break any or all of the other rules, I don’t beat myself up. Negative attitudes often lead to binging and giving up on a weight loss plan.

Perhaps we should take that same rule (to have compassion for ourselves) into other areas of our lives.

So, you made a huge mess of things. Forgive yourself and move on. Today is a great day to start over, or at least to know that tomorrow is another day, and a fresh start for new beginnings.

What if today was the first day of a new beginning? The thing that is so awesome about life is it’s filled with second chances. It’s like New Year’s Day every day. Here are some examples:

  • You go out to dinner and binge on the bread basket. So what do you do? When your healthy meal comes, you now have a second chance to eat better.

  • Maybe you spent the entire year struggling to change a few unhealthy habits. Today, as you read this, you get your second chance. Remember that tomorrow is a new day.

  • You argued with a family member. You now have a second chance to make things right even as tricky as it may seem at the time.

  • You complained at the grocery store because you always seem to get in the shortest line, but it takes the longest time to get cashed-out. Might this be the chance to smile at someone in that line and then show a little kindness to the cashier who may be having the worst day of his/her life?

Be gracious to others and give them a break. If you’ve been assaulted by someone’s words, maybe you should pause before you respond in a way you might regret. That person is most likely having a terrible day, and your compassion could turn it into a better one.

There’s no need to wait until New Year’s Day to take advantage of your new beginning, nor do you need to schedule it on top of a to-do list. Why not start today? Why not now? Now is a great time for a second chance.

King David broke a lot of rules, and yet the Bible tells us that he was “a man after God’s own heart.” You see, David had second chances, and he followed his God to the best of his ability. What about Paul? He made a lot of mistakes, but then his second chance came on the road to Damascus. Paul completely turned his life over to God and never looked back. His old ways were gone, and a new way of living was embraced. Paul had many reasons to berate himself over his past. Instead, he had faith in his new beginning and allowed God’s compassion to rule in his life. Because of this, the experiences he had and the changes he made were used to glorify God.

We all make mistakes, but I say again, don’t beat yourself up. Set a new rule, a godly standard, and take a new path. There's hope. Your second chance is coming.

Isaiah reminds us to put away the past —the old things—and move forward with a new tomorrow. Maybe God is calling you to be a person after His own heart. Have compassion for yourself -and others- for tomorrow is another day for everyone.

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

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